Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why I Love...

*I've decided to take a break from my Disney teen star worship to do something a little less useless. I could probably be doing homework but, let's give it a try anyway*

...Daniel Radcliffe.
I have to admit, with great shame of course, that I didn't always like D.Rad. I thought he was a bad actor and *gasp* ugly. (The shame, the shame!) But over the years, Daniel has come to prove that he is worthy of my love (which is his main motivation, of course).

I really like how Daniel has made a genuine attempt to improve his acting and step outside of Harry Potter. Besides his highly amusing Extras guest star role, I haven't had the fortune of seeing him act in anything non-Harry Potter, (December Boys still sits on my computer, waiting to be watched), but I could definitely see the effect it had on his skills. For example, when I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, instead of thinking what I usually thought when I watch a Harry Potter film, ("This movie sucks. I wonder when it comes out on DVD?") I was thinking, "This movie kinda sucks but, D. Rad's really, really improved!" And that he did. I don't know much about acting but, I do know that I could tell that he wasn't the same D.Rad from Goblet of Fire.

I also love D.Rad b/c dude's fearless! If you haven't already heard, dearest Daniel got naked for his part in the play Equus. It was a really brave part to play. Not really b/c of his Harry Potter image but mostly because of the sort of guts it takes to hop up on stage in the nude. I really wish I had the chance (and the money) to see Equus b/c it sounds really interesting and I'd like to see if he lives up to the rave reviews. (No, I'm not trying to check out D.Rad's junk...yet.)

The best reason for loving D.Rad is his awesome interviews. He's so incredibly enthusiastic and he seems to have a great sense of humor. Yes, he talks too much sometimes and usually sounds like he just got done w/a 10 mile run but he's very entertaining and seems like a good sport.

I guess that pretty much sums up my love of D.Rad. Of course, it's really way to big, deep and complicated for me to fully explain its intricacies, so you'll have to live w/this. He's seems like a genuine guy who's quite determined to make acting his bitch, uh...I mean, craft. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have said it but, I honestly think he has a fighting chance. More than a fighting chance. So, Acting, pull your pants down and bend over - D.Rad's coming to get ya.

ciao, bellas.

P.S. - Can someone please teach me how to use commas? I really don't remember anymore. It saddens the English professor inside of me.
P.P.S. - I don't think D. Rad's ugly anymore either. I must say, he is quite an attractive young man!

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