Saturday, August 23, 2008

Other Goodies

In case you thought wallabies were only capable of fatassery, here's a quick look into the future.

In the elderly crafts department, there's a shrug, a raging kaijū, some Harry Potter dorkdom, and a sm-aht (I'll let you choose between British and Bostonian accent) scarf to come.

In the robots department, there's some awesome school-related wear to come.

Finally, in the unconventional application of the elderly craft, there are some patterns for some dapper wear for the gentlemen in everybody.

I can't make any promises about when this will happen. Some will happen before others; I think it's safe to say that robots and kaijū will be the first, a long with some of the gentlemen wear. The others will definitely be done by Christmas, which is a long way off, but well it gives you something to look forward to.

So that's to come! Can't wait to post all the awesomeness. It just might be too awesome to take at once. I might just do a few two-parters like the Bret Hart cookie posts, just to give a taste of all the awesomeness.


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