Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Disney Stars Throughout History

Well, looks like it's time for a history lesson involving Disney Stars. I don't know if this is one of many of this kind or if it's just a one time thing. We'll see. But ehre we go.

Children, it looks like NICK JONAS has taken the Elvis (you know, that fat guy in the white suit) route and joined the armed Forces. Don't believe me? Well, here's the picture to prove it:

He's a cutie in his uniform, ain't he? I don't mean to be a pedo, but the squinty eyes, the shy smile, the...wait a minute....that's NOT Nick Jonas! Then who is it?

Actually, it's one of the most hated men in American history: Lee Harvey Oswald.
Lee Harvey either shot and killed John F. Kennedy, or helped kill him by taking part in a conspiracy and becoming a scapegoat. Your choice on which, I won't argue which one it is. Both arguments are interesting and give the History Channel a lot of material. Either way, bitch was guilty of something.

Anway, I was watching something about Lee Harvey on the History Channel and this picture comes up. The only thing that came to mind was Nick Jonas. It's kind of astounding I think and really random. I'm not saying little Nicky is a Communist President Murderer. That boy is much too good to do such things; he's got music to write.

That's my schpele (is that how you spell that?) and the end of this post. I wonder if I can find other Disney stars who look like murderers...

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Talk: This Blog is Slackin

So. I honestly don't have enough cohesive thoughts to make a post focusing on one topic so all just sum up this past month for you. Let's go!

Sonny with a Chance. Real talk: It sucked. So I only watched the first episode and I think I only laughed once. It just wasn't funny. At least my idol's show makes me giggle a little. I mean, Demi's adorable but her obnoxious smile did nothing to save that snore fest. According to the tweenies on IMDb, the second episode is better. Because I have better things to do (not really) I'll have to wait to see whether not this is true.

The Grammys. Real talk: I didn't watch. But, Kanye's weird mohawk thing? Not cute. And M.I.A. torturing her unborn baby? Not cool. Me missing the JoBros and Stevie Wonder? Just not right.

The Oscars. Real talk: Twilight and HSM 3? Really? The Oscars have been loosing credibility in my book for a while now and they almost completely lost me by including Twilight and HSM 3 in their little 2008 romantic movies marathon. Like, for reals? First of all, Twilight should've been included in the comedy montage. And HSM 3? I don't even know. Then...then! they made things even worse by having Zac Efron and Baby V "singing" on stage. AND! they had the audacity to bring Beyonce out there. Really? Beyonce? Really?

It's Not Me, It's You [Lily Allen]. Real talk: I love it. Now, I'm no music critic so I'm not even gonna try to critique it. I find it fun to listen to and I like the retro sound she was going for. Besides "The Fear" I have to say some of my faves are "Everybody's At It" and "I Could Say." But all of them are good.

Heroes, Vol. 3. Real talk: I just don't know. Heroes has been sucking really hard for a while. Season 2 was a mistake and the first half of season 3 didn't do much to redeem it. The second half (Vol. 3) is really iffy for me. I'm kinda behind right now and, of course, I can't give a proper assessment until the whole volume is done. See, the thing is that while it's going back to some of the things that made it good, it's keeping some of the stuff that make it suck (Just drop the future painting already!). Who knows? We'll see.

Real talk: I have a paper to start.


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