Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bret Hart Cookies -Part 1

So I was encouraged to attempt to try out for a baking contest that involved wrestling. Baking and WWF: two of my favorite-est things. Seriously. Anywho, so I thought of this Bret Hart Logo with a Screw somehow incorporated. (Montreal Screwjob, anyone?)

Well, the chances of me entering the contest are slim because the results aren't very good so far. The issue is I can't make stuff with Royal Icing, and this was my first time trying to do so. Hence these (slightly blurry) photos.
So that's the cookie itself. I used Alton Brown's Sugar Cookie recipe (though I added some raspberry jam to it for some extra pink) and the royal icing... i don't know where it came from. I learned it from some book a while ago I suppose. It's a few ounces of egg whites with a few teaspoons of cream of tarter and powdered sugar until the consistency is right.

The cookies look okay. The pink could've been a little darker (and less blurry) but oh well. I also tried to make screw shaped cookies to incorporate with the decorations and the heart cookie, but I failed. The bigger issues came with the icing decorations.
These are the best of the wings. I think they came out pretty well considering my terrible piping skills. It sort of went down hill with the Skulls though.
The skulls kind of look either like ghosts or like happy skulls. Basically not the badass skulls I'd hoped for.
Those black dots? My attempt at making sugar screws. Failed once again.

Basically, this is not turning out how I'd hoped. I'll post back later with the finished product. And then I'll figure out if I'm going to submit it to the Sugar Slam.

Oh and in case you're wondering what the logo actually looks like here's The Hitman's website.


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