Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why I Love...


The month of May has just been full of whores doing the fame stroll. It was hard to choose just one FAMEWHORE for the month of May so I'm gonna dish on my two faves. 

I haven't decided whether or not I like Lady Gaga. Music-wise, she's alright. The overplay on the radio is having a bit of a negative effect for this girl. As for the image? It just screams "FAMEWHORE!" It's cool that she wants to be all "trendy" and "artistic" and whatnot, but the personified teacup, the bowtie hair and the constant lack of pants?...Eh.  It's all just trying much too hard. But that doesn't stop the love. I absolutely adore the celebs that have to try so hard to stay in the spotlight because they provide us with so much entertainment. I mean, I really like seeing the plethora of pantless outfits. They're so many! And they aren't skirts or dresses, it's amazing! 

I also love Lady Gaga trying to convince us of what a regular ol' whore she is. Don't you dare think this girl is pristine! She loves sex...with guys and girls. Yes my friend, Lady Gaga is a card carrying member of the ever expanding Hollywood bisexual club. I feel like every other day a celeb is declaring their love for both sexes. Are they for real? I'm not them so I don't know. But it definetely screams "FAMWHORE" stroll when you have to tell everyone how much you LOVE to have SEX ALL the TIME.  

Lindsay Lohan is an even better FAMEWHORE than Lady Gaga because Lady Gaga actually has a career! And yet Lindsay has the paps on her balls day and night! Lindsay hasn't been the lead in a movie that went to the theaters since I Know Who Killed Me. (Which I heard killed those who went to see it). I'm pretty sure all Lindsay Lohan does is shop for leggings or leave the country for undeserved vacations. That's when she's not digesting whatever substance she's on. My favorite example of her FAMEWHORE ways was her magazine cover and her Ellen interview. She wasn't promoting anything except her patheticness.  Total FAMEWHORE behavior. And I love it. 

I hope to see more FAMEWHORING from these young ladies. It brings me much joy. 

(Honorable Mentions: Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox)

P.S. - I had to change my font. Apparently, Blogger hates Georgia now? 

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