Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Finally Here

Well, as you may well know, our little calendar to the right is mistaken. You see, at the time of writing, Jonas was pushed back to September. As you know, it in fact premieres tonight, a whole four months before our calendar says so. Our apologies. Hail King Kevin!

Anywho, here are my reactions (well, maybe not all of them) as I watch the first episode:

7:57 - Wait, "When the Bells Rings" is still on even after Lovato left? For shame.
8:00 - PLAID!
8:00 - Kevin's adorable. Like a cloud shaped rabbit. Nick sounds bored and isn't very good at this. Joe's jacket is awesome. They talk to the camera. We'll see how this goes.
8:01 - Kevin deserves first billing. Good job Disney, you got it right for once! However, since when does Joe play guitar?
8:03 - So they kept the famous thing there, eh?
8:04 - Nick isn't good at this.
8:07 - Will Smith shout-out. Joe and Kevin are the best part of this show. An otter that plays the trumpet. I mean, come on! That's awesome.

Woops, started homework when they started their mini music video. Hope I didn't miss anything good.

8:13 - Monocles and mustaches! Taped to his face!
8:13 - Surprise, she stole his song. And clearly she didn't tell him to go see her and thus would never find out. Oh, wait . . .
8:15 - Up! I'm so excited for that movie!
8:20 - Nick is really bad at this. And it was all a misunderstanding. Of course.
8:23 - Less Nick, more Kevin (and I never thought I'd say this) and Joe.

Okay that's it. I have work to do, and watching JoBros make music isn't helping. Let's face it, their music is the worst part about them.

Verdict: I won't watch it every week. Nick's annoying; Kevin and Joe make a pretty good goofy comedy team. Still not sure why the show exists, though. Really it all just says, Hail King Kevin! So we're back to where we started.


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