Thursday, May 28, 2009

OH NOES! You have forsaken us!

But of course not, dear (imaginary) blog reader! Sitting at home on my ass all day "looking" for a job is a very time consuming activity. But fear not..your Juicebox future holds some Pop Culture Justice, Real Talk and, as always, I will be telling you Why I Love some lucky person, place or phallic symbol in this grand month of May. 

Hopefully you all are out of school and enjoying "summer" (I keep forgetting it's still spring). And for all you poor college students: if you are so fortunate, continue to mooch off of your parents - you won't get to do this much longer without looking like a loser. For those who aren't so fortunate: job hunting is annoying in this economy, ain't it? And for all you so called "adults": sucks not to have a summer break anymore, doesn't it! (HAHA!)

So y'all come back, ya hear?

P.S. - If you're missing my fellow blogger-in-crime and become tired of my Twilight-hating, King Kevin-worshipping, Miley-idolizing not fear! She will brb. 

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