Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh, er, hey there.

So, I swear I haven't forgotten about you fantabulous Juicebox readers. (Really, there are two drafts from me on our list, I promise.) It's just been one hellz of a semester. But here's me getting you up to snuff on what elderly crafts I've been doing since the new year, unless this becomes another incomplete draft! Please excuse the horrendous blurry pictures; I haven't figured out the whole capturing completed projects thing yet.

A Sad-looking Bear, a birthday gift for The Cuteness. I just realized that I never took a picture of him with arms. Woopsies. This was actually my first completed crochet project. WOAH! I find crochet faster in the satisfaction department, but lacking in the neatness department. Maybe I just crochet to loosely, but knitting just looks better in my opinion. Here's the pattern.

Birds and Worms. Birthday gift for a friend for my roommate (the model in the next pics actually). The yarn is 100% Baby Alpaca so they're the softest birds in existence. The bird is my modified version of this pattern. I use my modified version more than the original now.

Sweater/shrug, chevron pattern. This was a birthday gift for my aunt. It's a little small. It's this pattern but I added a button (hence why it's too small...). I kind of want one for myself. However, this was the small size and it took forever, and goodness knows I'm not a small. I started this last summer and worked on it little by little and I still didn't have it done one time for her birthday. It's sad; I fear I won't have the patience to make sweater vests.

Uh, an unfinished glove. I am very very ashamed. I WILL finish these by next winter though. They're smoking gloves with a beer opening palm, so I might have to smoke a cig or two to legitimize my creation. Actually, they're a mix of Cigar from Knitty, and the beer gloves from Son of Stitch N' Bitch. I'm really excited to (eventually) finish them.

Birds and Cocoa. Yet another birthday bird gift.
The Cocoa is
this pattern, my second attempt at crochet. A bit tighter than the bear. Maybe I'm getting better at it? Probably not because mine came out a lot leaner than the one in the pattern. I can't count stitches in crochet. Sshh, don't tell!

And that leaves us to now. I'm in the middle of another crochet gift, so I'll post it when it's done (and not six months from now). But for now, I have a few papers to write and an apartment to find.


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