Friday, March 27, 2009

Why I Love...Bonus Round!

So, faithful reader, last month I neglected to tell you what I loved so I'm making up for it by giving you more of a "Why I Was Amused By..." post. Only thing is I didn't allow myself to watch this crap last month. Instead, I finally gave myself permission to watch it, like, 4 minutes ago. Anyway, here it is!
Why I Was Amused By...
...the Hoedown Throwdown

The Hoedown Throwdown is NOT the title of a business manual for inner-city pimps. It is actually the name of a fancy little dance number by Miley Cyrus & Co. for her new epic film masterpiece. Now, I want you to take a quick glimpse at that cute little dance. I'll give you a minute...
...did you watch it? Did you learn it? No! Of course you didn't! There are 5,000 steps! My understanding is that this is from one of those scenes in the movie were our cute and clever protagonist shows his/her audience a dance about 2 times and 10 seconds later everyone is on their feet doing each step perfectly. Normally I believe it. I mean, that "Beat It" dance was
simple. (Yes, I know that's a music video. Same difference.) But this dance? I feel like I might need to take a couple years of intense dance lessons before I can even begin to learn it. Not to mention that horrendous song. Is it still possible to learn the dance steps if you wear ear plugs and hum a different tune?

Anywayz, I just wanted to share that piece of gold. I hope you all are learning the Hoedown Throwdown before the movie comes out next month.
Seriously though Miley, you could've just slapped a bitch and called it the same thing. Way easier.

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