Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where the Hell Did My Sanity Go?

It's something I ask every day in the morning.

Wallaby (edit: Señorita) doing a post about non-elderly stuff? Whaaaaaaaaa?

Yep, sure thing. I couldn't help it. It's just that it's looming. I feel it breathing down my neck and calling me, luring me to its lair.

Come, to meeee...Ssssit with me...Laugh at meeeee...

Guessed yet?

Twilight. Friday is the Twilight premiere. By Friday night, I will have watched it. I was convinced by my suitemates and RPattz to use my free movie pass to see what is surely to be one of the worst movies of my life. At least RPattz will be pretty.
We were originally going to go at Midnight to catch all the tween kids in love with the books AND RPattz's singing, the latter of which I will address at a later date. Anywho, the point was "Let's go make fun of these kids. It'll be great." Then we realized we're not that into it, and we have to wake up early on Friday for our radio show. Friday night it is. We're sure there'll still be some crazies up in that theater.
I still don't undertand the mania. The books were terrible (I got through 1, 2, then my brain died for a few days) and the movie will not be much better.

Wallaby, if u were a 13 yr grrl wen da books cam out rather than a 17 year old boi, you would LUV these books! Not ever1 is a "great writer" like you! It's not Toy Story!

Why kind reader! You're right! The point is, I was not thirteen, I was eighteen when I read the books, and I was thoroughly unimpressed. I won't get into why, because the list is much too long. In a few words though, the writing style was not up to par for the mania it's creating in adult housewives. The plot itself, not very good either. And by Toy Story, I'm guessing you mean Tolstoy. It's okay, i get them confuzzled too. I don't read Tolstoy. Fuck high literature. I read paranormal Romance novels, I know whay the good one's are like. (Check out MaryJanice Davidson to find out what I mean.) I am not a pretentious Literature kid, in fact the L is my least favorite part of my major. I literaly enjoy children's books, and not for nostaligic purposes (Check out I Went for a Walk for a good one.) I didn't get into Harry Potter until 6th grade and because Iw as forced to. It was well written and had a captivating plot, even if we all knew he wouldn't die at the end of book 7.

OMG! DAt's y u h8 Twilight! Cuz you love HArry and are PO'D that the movie got moved!

Yes, I am upset that the movie was moved to next summer because Warner Bros is a selfesh bum that doesn't understand the Dark Knight did well because it was Batman and a dead star. I'm also upset Emma Thompson opted to do Nanny McPhee 2 rather than Deathly Hallows, so it's not because of Twilight. I just don't like Twilight. Besides, what does it say about Twilight that they moved their date to November 21st after HP got pushed? If Twilight is supposed to beat out HP, then why not just go head to head, not sit back? Even the Twihards must understand Twilight and HP aren't on the same level.

Watever! Ur just bitter. Why not admit Twlight is AWESOME and accept it!. IT"S THE BEST BOOK EVARRRRRRRRRRRRR! LEt us like it, why do you judge us? It's hippocritical to judge us for liking Twilight and et mad when people say it's good.

I will not. I am bitter thanks to Warner Brothers, but not Twilight. It is not awesome in my book (pun intended). I do question people's taste when I learn they like Twilight, but I get over it , eventually. I do not get mad when people say it's good. I just don't understand. Just like people don't understand why I love HP, watch my school play Quidditch, and have a Wizard Rock radio with my friends. Just like people have the right to say I'm delusional, I am allowed to as well.

I'll even admit that I will not give up the possibility that my standards for this movie are SO low, that I'll walk out the theater thinking it wasn't that bad. The very small possibility. For all i know, I will get mobbed at the theater and not make it out alive. They can probably smell a mocker a mile away.

I'll let you know how it goes.


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