Monday, August 24, 2009

Um I thought Discovery was mildly educational?

Usually, when you hear someone say "I love the Discovery Channel" you assume the person likes to learn. It makes sense. Discovery generally has a number of great educational programs on various kinds of science. Woo!

OK, I'll admit that some of this shows are educational, yet still play to their audience. For example Dirty Jobs (one of my favorites) has its host Mike Rowe in a number of gross-me-out situations that sometimes lead to him shirtless (which might be one of the reasons why I like it).That's the gimmick I suppose: he cleans up poop, gets it onto the camera and then there's occassionaly a silly shower scene.

Another example is Mythbusters. Now they are all degree holding sciency types, but they work in the special effects business so they know the Number 1 Rule of Cool: Making things blow up is AWESOME! I totally agree. But I also like sitting through the slower myths to get to the explosion, which is how they set up the show anyway. They try and add science and learning into the show; as their sign says WARNING: Science Content!

Now, back to the orginal point, Discovery has disappointed me. Enter the show Time Warp.

Here is what Time Warp does:

Since when is owning a slow-mo camera enough reason to have a show?

Okay, don't get me wrong. It's pretty cool to see things we think as instant in its full glory. Seeing James Hetfield's spit was gross yet cool. And the chainsaw part? That was effin' sweet. But not worthy of Discovery Channel air-time.

Why not? Well, because I didn't really learn much. Sure the octaves part (which may be in parts 2-4 of the above video) on the guy's acoustic guitar was cool to see. But they skip over the explanation a bit. I'd rather a better lesson on the math of music.

I get that not everyone wants all the science with their entertainment. And yes, seeing bubbles in slow motion is awesome, mostly because bubbles are awesome:

See that's cool right? Imagine having to sit around for an hour just to see those five minutes of awesome. Yeah, exactly. The stuff they do on Time Warp is cool, but not Discovery-Channel-hour-program cool. It's more of I'm-gonna-watch-this-on-Youtube cool.

Moral of the story: I'm dissappointed in you Discovery Channel. You have made entertainment without much education. Keep to the internet.

Now if you want more cool videos from Time Warp without the one hour sit around, go to Discovery's Youtube account. I particularly enjoyed the water balloon to the face.

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