Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why I Love...

(WARNING: Nothing duck related inside)

I'm just trying to spice things up here on the Juicebox by talking about the weather! (Contradictory? I think not!) Fall is a great time of year. The best thing about fall is the temperature. Oh Boy! What's more fun then dressing for the 40 degree morning weather only to be sweating in your 40 degree weather outfit later when the temperature shoots up 75 degrees?! Nothing! Nothing is more fun than that!

Also great about fall is the lovely tendency of the trees to toss acorns down at your head. I have yet to be hit by one but I do love the rush of walking under a tree and wondering whether or not I'll be hit in the head by an acorn. Fun!

Going back to the temperature, one of my favorite parts about fall is the people who refuse to let go of summer. There's something heartwarming about watching you shiver in your tank top, flip flops and shorts when its 40 degrees out because you just can't let go. (Yes, I will be jealous of you come 70 degree time but for now, I'm laughing.)

In all seriousness though, fall is a really nice time of the year when the weather isn't being funky. The leaves turn pretty colors and the turkeys come out to play... Good times!

Happy Halloween! Have fun being drunken sluts!

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