Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boo! It's October!

We all know October is the month of scary; scary costumes, scary candy and even scarier Halloween specials of your favorite tv shows. ("Even scarier" = "extremely corny") I am of the opinion that October 2008 has to be one of the scariest Octobers yet - and here's why:

The ever plummeting economy! Nothing is scarier than being a college student and watching the economy die before your eyes. How the hell am I supposed to get a job? I can't sit here and blog for the rest of my life! (Well, I could, but the Jonas Brothers are destined to loose their fan base sometime soon.)

2. The premier of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. This one is extra scary. Almost scarier than the dying economy. I fear for my precious eyes which will be bombarded by pictures of resident pretty boy Zac Efron, his beard Baby V and "It was a deviated septum" Ashley Tisdale. I'm afraid I'll have to stop watching television until November rolls around - watching tv means I'll run the risk of seeing HSM3 trailers which also means I'll run the risk of hearing the horrid songs. Ouch. My eardrums ache just from the thought of it.

3. Britney Spears' New Single, Womanizer and accompanying MV. That was a long one. So, for some strange and twisted reason I usually like Britney Spears' "music." I think it's a result of being a young and impressionable child in the mid-90s. (Really, the 3 Britney Spears CDs I own were given to me as gifts. I liked BS but I never asked anyone for the CDs. Weird...) (lol...get it? BS? Haha!) Anywho, this new song is definitely NOT one I'd like to ever listen to again. The nicest way to put it is, uhh, it sucks. And the video? Same ol', same ol'. How do you know Halloween is fast approaching? Well, just look out for a music video featuring B. Spears writhing around in a the nude. *Shiver*

4. Presidential "Debates". There's something inherently scary about watching two middle aged men squabble. Especially when that squabbling is over who gets to man our country over the next four years. I'm no big political fanatic but as a newly eligible voter I feel the need to use my awesome voting powers to end this squabble once and for all. November 4th will tell us whether or not we should continue to be scared for the next four years.

5. Last but not least...Saturday Night Live's Funny Spell! Honestly, what's scarier than SNL being funnier than it has for the last few seasons? It seems that SNL has been suffering from the "hit and miss" virus but lately, thanks to Tina Fey and the thick political air, it seems to be back on track for a while. We'll see what happens once the political race comes to a close and Amy Poehler leaves (*tear*) but there's hope! Take a look: SNL's saving grace.

Well kind readers, thank you for joining me on this scary ride. I hope I haven't given you a heart attack. Stay safe! And please, for your own health, stay home on October 24th.


P.S. - Anyone realize that most of my posts have been lists? I should be a professional list maker...

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